Development of the private real estate with social and solidarity vocation

France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Short presentation

Extension of the social and solidarity activity of a real estate agency to rural areas, in order to allow populations with limited means to access property and to be supported in the renovation and ecological development of their accommodation .


Fight against the depopulation of villages by promoting access to housing for low-income households.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Capture, in very rural areas (villages), unusual private housing, with or without work to be planned, in order to put it back on the social and solidarity market.
Settlement territory: Lower alpine part of the LEADER territory of the Haute Provence Luberon Local Action Group

Actions implemented

The Logiah agency wishes to extend its activity of real estate agency with a social vocation and to offer its services of accompaniment of the owners for the realization of works to improve the energy performance in accordance with the prescriptions of Anah.

Holder of a real estate agent card, she already provides this service but in a limited way and only in urban areas. This activity is therefore marginal for her, and does not allow her to receive new housing, to offer parallel services and even less to extend it geographically in rural areas.

The costs of capturing new housing are therefore prohibitive and lead it to refuse new capturing of housing from the private park with agreed rent outside these two zones.

This situation is penalizing with regard to public policies which, for about ten years, have been acting in favor of the agreement of housing units in the private park with or without work with a fiscal stimulus for owners agreeing to entrust the rental management of their property to an approved association .

In fact, the achievement of ecological transition objectives in these rural or peri-rural areas is also hampered by the impossibility for these owners to benefit from the advice and advantages of an agreement with works.

As such, the agreement with works is able to promote not only the ecological transition but also an activity for local craftsmen (plumbing, plasterer, roofing, heating, masons). Private agreements are also a solution in rural areas, given the difficulties of social landlords and their reluctance to promote new operations in rural and small areas. The large number of vacant dwellings in the department (14,000) shows that one solution could be to encourage the return on the market of these dwellings through mechanisms likely to reassure the owners.
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Other information

Project's start year :

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

• The "top": supporting low-income families in their rural settlement project
• Points of vigilance: As the project is in the early stages of its implementation, it is not yet possible to make a precise assessment
• Good practices (in terms of approach, tools or levers): Support by the Haute Provence Luberon Local Action Group


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