Development of a “social” third -place with a house of associations in Aigre (Charente Nord)

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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Short presentation

In Aigre, a social third-place hosting a house of associations is to be created to help the inhabitants in their digital approaches and to regenerate the territory.


- Create a SOCIAL THIRD-PLACE with a stated social objective, around societal issues, citizen participation, social entrepreneurship or democratic transitions, and structured around the associative stakeholders of Aigre, the collaborative economy, the digital economy and the SSE (social and solidarity economy).
- Create a third place of services and public innovation deployed by the communities involved (Department, Community of Communes, Municipality of Aigre, Ruffecois Country) in order to regenerate this territory.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

This territory "Pays d'Aigre" is very sparse (23H / Km²) and is away from the National Road 10, and stations (Ruffec, Luxé). It is poorly served.
It is far from Angouleme and Ruffec, and access to public services is difficult.
This territory is poor (see SCOT of Ruffecois for detailed analysis). The population of this territory is about 4500 inhabitants. We can estimate the remote population of digital on the territory of Aigre to about 1000 people, by applying the national ratios.
The main challenge is to help this population in digital pain (networks, uses), and by facilitating their access to their rights, today access largely requiring digital approaches.

The population of this territory is about 4500 inhabitants. We can estimate the remote population of digital on the country of Aigre to about 1000 people, by applying the national ratios.
The target populations are mainly:
- retired seniors
- Professionals between forty and sixty-four years old, who have VSEs or are craftsmen
- poor families whose digital equipment does not allow all members to access the desired Internet.

Actions implemented

(1) Analysis of the buildings impacted by the project, and the necessary facilities and equipment for the project (investment budget)
(2) exhaustive inventory of the needs for all the structures intended to take place in the third places: the post office, the Departmental House of solidarities, the association ADMR, the association The Hedgehog (help to the Travelers community), the other associations of Aigre, and the MSAP (one of the smallest in France!) to transform into MFS (House France Services) according to the new standards ...
(3) an estimation of the operating budget (consumables, reception staff, insurance ...)
(4) Legal context of the occupations: Structure carrying the third place, structures housed in the third place

Funding and resources

Banque des territoires 15 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 15 000 €

Human resources and partners

FUNDING IS NOT INSURED yet !! We are still in search of funding.
For the pre-feasibility study:
- an initial diagnosis of an architect (8000 €) and a first estimate of the necessary works
- a note from a lawyer for setting up the legal framework for the operation of a third place (3000 €)
- a note from an expert in public accounting to see the impact on the budget of the City Council, the Community of Commons (see the support of the Bank of the Territory - Contact in progress)
- Consulting firm: animation of meeting, report delivery, reproduction, communication: Be assured by our association, or external help (2000 €)
- Partner to involve: the municipality of AIgre, the community of communes Coeur de Charente, the department Charente, the Post office ...

Other information

Project's start year : 2020


Association Egalité Numérique Haut Débit (Non profit organization )
12, rue du Moulin du Coudret
16140 Oradour
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Contact : Michel JANNET Chillé 16140 Oradour