• Structure name : DevDu 
  • Address : 10 hameau de la haie ferrière 
  • Postal code : 44260 
  • City : Prinquiau 
  • Tel : 0669184821 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Company, Private structure 
  • Project's manager contact : Deshayes Dylan 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : There are many small town’s residents that consider their town a dormitory, which create a vicious circle: less attendance of the downtowns which cause the cancellation of events and the closures of shops, closures which accentuate the fall of the attendance.
    But, even in the smallest town, many events, activities et services are organized by the associations and the shops.
  • Goals : DevDu was created to connect residents to their downtowns by facilitating the access to the proximity information and to create links between actors and residents.
    The objective of the project is to encourage residents to go out, consume and to take part in the local life, which will create a virtuous circle by facilitating the emergence of new shops, services and activities, which will ultimately develop the downtowns.
  • Targeted audience : Residents of small towns (less than 20 000 inhabitants, which represent 90% of the French towns).
    The website is 100% free for the association and works on a freemium model for the companies and local communities.
  • Actions implemented : Our concept collects available data on every local support: website, application, APIs, prospectus, billsticking, social network, sources open data, collaborative publishing (+400 associations, +700 contributors) …
    Then this information is organized on a geographic and thematic scale to make them easily accessible for the residents or residents from nearby towns too.
    Every platform is animated by the local ambassadors, paid, able to moderate, spread, promote and create link with local actors.
  • Project's start year : 2017 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 300000 €
  • Funders :
    • Private investors : 300000 €
  • Technical and human resources, partners : After 3 years of activity of the first platform we are currently on an equilibrium: Initial 12k€ investment (Bank loan, crowdfunding) - 40k€ turnover this year.
    We recently raise funds to redevelop our platform, upgrade our local impact and develop our coverage area.

Conditions of success