Déclic’Service Public” – Support to the using the digital tool in administrative procedures (Pays d’Arles)

France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
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Short presentation

In the Pays d'Arles, "Déclic'Service Public" offers support so that users can master digital tools.


The project aims to meet the following objectives:
- Promote the autonomous use of public services online;
- To help the inhabitants for all kinds of administrative procedures and private writings;
- Mutualize the means to ensure a better service at the least cost to individuals;
- Allow the transfer to the coaches of the skills involved through the action

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Based on the observation of the increasing dematerialization in the relations between administrations and administered, the project proposes to improve, for targeted audiences, access to local services. It is a question of supporting - in the framework of a partnership with local structures established on the Pays d'Arles - all the people who wish it in their administrative procedures on line, by favoring the development of the autonomous use digital tool and strengthening solidarity between people.

Target audience:
Population of Pays d'Arles

Actions implemented

Currently underway, the project follows the following steps:
- An information phase, which consists of coordination work with local partners and information campaigns for potential users;
- An implementation phase including the implementation of public monitoring tools and the initiation of the digital mediation mission to the public;
- A phase of continuous public reception including first-time reception and individual reception in situ (in the premises of the host organization);
- A continuous accompaniment phase within the open partner spaces (planning developed for each reception area, organization of the permanent entrances and exits, keeping the space permanently accessible on the determined schedules)


FEADER 39 340 €
Region Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 26 227 €
Self-financing 7 285 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 72 853 €

Human resources and partners

Human resources :
The implementation of the project is based on the recruitment of a post of mediator specifically assigned to the mission, which also has the role of transferring its skills to the professionals of the accompaniment.
Partnership :
One of the major benefits of the project lies in the upstream mobilization of a multiplicity of local actors.
Thanks to a phase of experimentation on a part of the territory and with convincing results, the PFPA convinced of the relevance of developing a broad approach at the level of the Pays d'Arles, making it possible to reach many beneficiaries and by supporting a network of existing actors and project stakeholders.
This strong partnership is at work through implementation, with a great deal of co-ordination with the reception structures and the in-situ support staff, a guarantee of the success of the initiative.

Other information

Project's start year : 2018

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

The project, which has been deployed in 7 municipalities in the Pays d'Arles (St Rémy de Provence, Noves, St Andiol, Mas-Thibert, Châteaurenard, St Etienne du Grès and Tarascon) is completed. Its success was real, with requests from individuals constantly increasing the duration of the project. In total, 366 half-days of reception were provided and 955 people benefited from the service. The carrier was for a time in search of additional LEADER funding in order to extend this project thanks to a traveling bus. The carrier is still currently funded by 4 municipalities (Barbentane, Eyragues, Eyguières and Chateaurenard) which continue to organize workshops.


Pôle de Formation du Pays d’Arles (Training center of Pays d'Arles) (Non profit organization )
4 boulevard Victor Hugo
13200 Arles
04 90 96 01 19 info@pfpa-formations.fr
Contact : Stéphane ALCANTUD

Supported by LEADER

Supported by LAG Pays d’Arles (https://www.pays-arles.org/les-actions/financement-de-projets/)