Creation of the CONTAINER shared workspace

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

The multidisciplinary artistic company Androphyne has created the CONTAINER place, a third-space that resembles it, multiple and hybrid.
The project was built in a spirit of openness and sharing, and with the aim of creating links between the artistic world and the entrepreneurial world.
CONTAINER is a place of infusion and shared creation.



The objectives of this project are:
- The management of an alternative place specializing in another way of working and sharing (Flexible Subscription System for the use of shared workspaces adapted to teleworkers, artists, specialists in leisure and welfare activities). be).
- The animation of a place promoting the crossing of professional networks and innovation A real work of animation of the site is thought out: after work, events, convivial time with the occasional welcome of a restaurateur for the coworking space -exterior, thematic workshops, film / documentary evenings in connection with the activity of one of the coworkers, exchanges of knowledge, joint projects with local associations and structures of the SSE (social and solidarity economy) ...

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

This project has been maturing since 2014 and was born in 2016 in the town of Angresse, thanks to the perseverance and creative spirit of the members of the Androphyne association.
A first initiative had been launched by the choreographer Pierre-Johann SUC and two of his friends, a restaurateur, the other tattoo artist, all three looking for a storage place and a place to rehearse music. This associative project, called "Parpaing", was the occasion for the first exchanges, collaborations, provision, loans of equipment, advice and mutual assistance, between the various professionals installed in this industrial zone.
This initiative then intersects with other reflections from members of Androphyne about an artistic and cultural project for a territory in the South Landes, after more than 5 years of activities in partnership with the MACS community of municipalities. A new project called "CONTAINER" then takes shape to develop a third place. This space of 200 m2 on 2 levels which appears to be ideal for bringing together different professionals in a compatible way (teleworkers, artists…).

Actions implemented

Container are several complementary spaces:
- The first space is dedicated to coworking: for all teleworkers, looking for a place conducive to work, creativity and diversity.
- The second space can accommodate artists in residence, to experiment and research around their practice.
When this is not invested, Androphyne takes over to organize hybrid events, concerts, outings from residences, festivals, Do It Yourself workshops, conferences, exhibitions and afterworks ...
This space can also be rented for internships, exhibitions, conferences, showrooms, training, etc.


FEADER 17 493 €
Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine
Municipality of Angresse
Global cost (in Euros) : 37 882 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2016

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

Beyond the creation of a coworking place, it is the approach and the interaction of actors from different backgrounds and the multiplicity of features developed and to be developed in this third place that make the originality of the project. and make it innovative.

This is also why this project cuts across our Leader strategy: living and working in the country, creation of activities and jobs, collaborative economy, culture. This project clearly represents a new offer in the region and responds to a real need to diversify relationships at work and promote new organizations. Beyond that, Container is a project that has real social utility, with the creation of a job.
Container is a transversal, economic, cultural, social project participating from all angles in the development of services to the public and the revitalization of town centers in an innovative approach.

This project could be transferred to other LAGs in its bottom-up approach, and its methodology, the public partners and the LAG supported the association in the different phases of the project while ensuring to respect the very essence of this project and to ensure that it meets the expectations of the association but also of future users who have been consulted.


Androphyne (Non profit organization )
1074 Route de Capbreton
40150 Angresse

Supported by LEADER

Supported by the LAG Adour Landes Océanes (
The LAG was able to support this project in all its stages, from the first reflections carried out within the framework of the Local Support Mechanism to networking with institutional and financial partners.