Creation of a multi services House in Landehen

France Bretagne

Short presentation

Renovation of an old manor house in a multi-service location: health center, permanent public services, associative and local youth space.


- reception of people in adapted housing (in particular seniors wishing to settle in the village),
- maintaining the nursing practice
- rooms for the reception of artistic and cultural activities for all public
- reception of the municipal council of children’s activities, 11-17 years old, communal and manual activities ...

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The Ilôt des Salles covers almost 5000 m2 located near the school, sports and leisure facilities and shops. It is closer to the Bar Tobacco Grocery "The P'Tit Guihen" that the Commune bought in 2010 to maintain the business, place of conviviality, in the Commune.

The Ilot des Salles is made up of:
- a building called Manoir des Salles which is one of the only communal heritages,
- Space constituting a hollow tooth in downtown.

2012: This set belonged to a single private owner who, in 2012, put on sale the Manor with a part of the land. In order to have control over all the land classified as AU, the municipality has exercised its right of pre-emption urban. The public property establishment of Brittany then bought the rest of the ground as well as a dependency sheltering two rental housing.
2014: Restitution of the planning study of the island realized by a planner and a heritage architect, in which participated the CAUE, the EPF, BSB.
2015: modification of the PLU to allow urbanization on the AU area.

Actions implemented

- Development of 3 flexible and adaptable spaces on the ground floor of the manor to maintain health services in the municipality, allow public services and offer artistic, cultural and youth activities (Municipal Council of Children, local for the Junior Association and 11-17 years’ space, intergenerational activities, exhibitions ...)
- Servicing of 7 plot including 4 plot for adapted housing disabled and / or elderly
- Pedestrian and landscaping development for quick access to school and sports facilities
Global cost (in Euros) : 610 736 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2016


Mairie de LANDEHEN (Public structure )
7 Place du Bourg
Contact : town hall secretary

Supported by LEADER

Support by LAG of Pays de Saint-Brieuc