Creation of a multi generational site


  • Project's name : Creation of a multi generational site 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Bretagne 
  • Thematic : Culture Sport Leisure, Education Childhood and Youth 


  • Structure name : Mairie de ANDEL 
  • Address : 7 Rue Abbé Hingant  
  • Postal code : 22400 
  • City : ANDEL 
  • Tel : 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : town hall secretary 


  • Context, issues : This project is a strong commitment of our municipal campaign 2014. It emanates from an important teamwork (15 candidates in competition) by the realization and the analysis of the existing state of the communal places (strong/weak points), to arrive at a finding of deficiency.
    At the end of this, a simple and clear program emerged, to act closer to the population (social mix and intergenerational) by proposing a realistic project of a multi generational area accessible to all, real place of life, exchanges , fun, sports and regular entertainment on highlights.
    Thus, fully convinced of the merits of this investment at the municipal scale, once elected, the new municipal team has made its "thread".
    Since 2014, the project has been built in a participatory approach to support the study of needs. The "commission of life" has met the main actors of the town (sports associations, senior citizens club, holiday committee, school director and OGEC member, CAP'AGE, not to mention the social workers ...)

    Several issues are facing a peripheral city like ours:
    • the issue of intergenerationality (creating the conditions for social diversity, consolidating the attractiveness of the municipality of young people and seniors),
    • challenge in terms of sustainable development (proposal of an environment-friendly structure by suppliers or installers from the West),
    • challenge in terms of public health and accessibility (responding to changing lifestyles towards more sedentary lifestyles, responding to disability issues and helping to keep seniors at home),
    • challenge in terms of solidarity economy (solicitation of services from local companies, ESAT ...) 
  • Goals : Propose to all the population a true living, rest, exchanges, amusements, sport and animation place.
    This equipment aims to answer the diversified needs of the inhabitants and the communal associations members, which show a social utility to the project.
    The project was build following a participative way around the citizen meeting says the needs study conducted before and participate to promote the appropriation for everyone of a new space carrying project at the communal scale.
  • Targeted audience : General Public 
  • Actions implemented : Creation of multiple equipment to develop or maintain the mobility and the dexterity to work out, stretch, maintain the mobility; to play; meet up; exchange; eat; to develop animation around convivial moments.

    We also want to create an animation of this place around great convivial times (children/seniors’ tea, exhibition of local artist, inter generational tourney…) to promote the development and the solidification of the inter generational link. 
  • Project's start year : 2018 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 165000 €
  • Funders :
    • Autofinancement public : 39164 €
    • Etat - Reserve Parlementaire : 10000 €
    • Département : 16700 €
    • Etat - DETR : 28000 €
    • Région - Contrat de partenariat : 21136 €
    • Europe - FEADER - LEADER : 50000 €

Conditions of success