Creation of a media library

Belgium Bretagne

Short presentation

Creation of a new media library to offer local social and cultural facilities in the heart of the village.


That space’s objectives are :
-Promote the access to the public reading for everyone;
-Welcome a new public through the creation of a digital space;
-Offer a true living, reading and relaxation space,
-Become a true cultural pole allowing the exhibition hosting,
-Develop the creation of activities and specific cultural workshops, especially aimed at young people and initiate the creation of workshop aimed at adults,
-Develop the intergenerational exchanges.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The actual library of the municipality is in a cramped room of 36 m² in the multiactivity hall. She’s been here since 1985. At first animated only by volunteers, she’s managed by a professional communal agent since 2014, showing the will of the municipality to develop the accessibility of the public reading.
This human investment, paired with the investment of the municipality in the acquisition of new books, especially for the youth field and the common organization of workshop aimed at kids allowed the library to be more visible to the eyes of everyone and increased the attendance.
On the other hand, the municipal library associated itself with a informal relational network of libraries of the territory of the ex-Quintin, community establishing many common initiatives. Then it integrated the media library network of the Baie in January of 2018.
Today, that place is not adapted anymore and can’t answer to need of the users for multiple reasons:
-A little offer in term of reading because distributed on only 36 m² with non-adapted shelving,
-A space too narrow which doesn’t allow the welcoming of groups (children, scholars, meeting etc.)
-A space which doesn’t allow the development of the digital resource or an Internet access,
-No welcoming space or reading corners for adults…
-The lack of administrative and workspace to equip the documents or for the administrative work of the manager

Actions implemented

The elected people have the ambition to reinforce the role of the library as a central proximity tool and create a real social and cultural space, a place of exchange at a local scale, located in the centre of the town.
To do so, the municipality own a building located in front of the town hall on the parcels 352 and 353. The elected wish to reuse the main building to create a media library and add an extension to it to answer the needs of the project. The town council also wants to build a local for young people.


Autofinancement public 195 000 €
Département - Contrat de territoire 171 464 €
Etat - DRAC 200 000 €
Région - Contrat de partenariat 83 536 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 650 000 €

Other information

Project's start year : 1


Mairie de LE FOEIL (Public structure )
Le Bourg
22800 LE FOEIL
Contact : General director of services