Creation of a Health House in Eréac


  • Project's name : Creation of a Health House in Eréac 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Bretagne 
  • Thematic : Health care 


  • Structure name : Mairie d'Eréac 
  • Address : 3 Place de l’Eglise  
  • Postal code : 22250 
  • City : EREAC 
  • Tel : 02 96 86 63 55 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : - 


  • Context, issues : Éréac has a medical office with 2 doctors for many years now. The patients cover Éréac but also the neighbour towns: Lanrelas, Rouillac, Langourla, Mérillac, Saint-Launec. Since 2014, an E.H.P.AD. With a capacity of 59 beds is also available in the commune. We welcomed this year a liberal Speech Therapist.
    However, the medical office which is the propriety of the commune isn’t adapted anymore, it’s decrepit and small, improper to the accessibility standards of the PMR and also has annoying soundproofing issues. We have the problem to maintain our 2 doctors but it will difficult to welcome another one in the current offices (one of our doctor is 74 years old). An action of doctor research is initiated by Lamballe Terre & Mer. The commune is classified as Complementary Action Zone in the last ARS zoning in 2018.
  • Goals : The objectives of this project are the following:
    -Maintain the heath offer in the commune;
    -Vital for the running of the E.H.P.A.D;
    -Maintain the pharmacy;
    -Improve the attractiveness of the commune, a new housing is construction;
    -Promote the proximity of the services, the seniors represent 43% of the Éréac population.

    One of the awaiting goal is to keep the attractiveness of the Commune for new inhabitants. The doctors’ presence is one of the main reason by new inhabitants to settle.
  • Targeted audience : Patients of Eréac and the neighbour communes in a 5km radius (potentially 3000 people)
    EHPAD (59 beds) 
  • Actions implemented : The project of health house: on a surface of 200 m ², it includes 2 doctors' offices, 2 paramedical cabinets with 2 waiting rooms (one reserved to the patients of the doctors, the other to those of the paramedical ones). A lobby, a meeting room and an archive room will be in common areas.
    The project is part of a property belonging to the Commune, close to the pharmacy. The old cabinet will either be rehabilitated into a dwelling for rent, or sold as is.
    A moderate rent will be requested of the order of 200 € per month + charges.
    The current doctors and the speech therapist are keenly waiting for this construction and would be tenants of the space. A nurse's office is also interested in the fourth cell. The doctors will eventually enroll in the BroonsMédicaulnes project in partnership with the ARS. 
  • Project's start year : 2018 


  • Global cost (in Euros) : 380000 €
  • Funders :
    • Autofinancement public : 114000 €
    • Région - Contrat de partenariat : 100000 €
    • EPCI - fonds de concours : 52000 €
    • Etat - DETR : 114000 €

Conditions of success