Creation a of an urban/rural social center

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Carrying out a diagnosis for the creation of an rural-urban social center, a unique and original device in Brittany!


The creation of the social center requires a preliminary study, essentially on the realization of a diagnosis allowing to:
• Identify service and event structures in the territory.
• Identify the representatives of the civil society involved in its future field of action.
• Combine a global reading of the territory while identifying local strengths and weaknesses.
• Prioritize gaps and imagine the outlines of a structure or equipment that can respond to them.

The future social center will be a "unique and unprecedented device in Brittany that can be a great laboratory, a rural social center that will combine imagination, skills of cities and responsiveness of villages," said Marie-Christine Cléret, vice president of Lamballe Terre and Mer.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Since 2009, the city of Lamballe then the Lamballe Community have in turn considered developing a project of social center to provide a response to the not covered needs. Lamballe Terre & Mer is pursuing this project and wants to engage itself in the creation of a social center, with the main objectives of:
• Promote solidarity between people.
• Aim to fight against isolation and the reduction of exclusions.
• Give priority to prevention.
• Participate in the construction of the social bond of proximity and the social cohesion of the territory.
• Make readable the overall social project of animation structures of social life.
• Develop management and evaluation tools.
• Facilitate user responsibility and the development of local citizenship.

The diagnosis foresees the setting up of a steering committee and a user group.

The social center will aims to people in a situation of precariousness and / or risk of exclusion but also the inhabitants of the territory.

Actions implemented

An agreement was made with the CAF allowing the support in 2017 for the opportunity study for the creation of a community social center. Before starting the diagnostic phase, the CAF and the elected representatives agreed to remove the obstacles or potential obstacles to the implementation of this project. To fulfil this mission, the CAF and elected representatives set up a social group "social center" from the "social development" commission, bringing together some thirty elected representatives (including elected municipal representatives). In a second step, and after these prerequisites have been verified, the diagnostic work has really begun. The diagnosis should answer the following questions:
- how to associate the population with the social center project?
- which orientations to adopt in the social project of the structure?
- what human, technical and financial resources must it has?
- what specific actions can it supports or implements?
- how can the structure make its action visible?

The diagnosis will question:
- geographical territory (communication axes, demography, town planning, economic activity, sociological data, household income, housing)
- sustainable development policies (Agenda 21, territorial issues, health and social facilities, family policy and childhood-youth, senior citizens policy, health)
- the actors (schools, charity associations, sports associations, neighbourhood associations, communities, companies ...)


Autofinancement public 8 531 €
CAF 14 000 €
Europe - FEADER - LEADER 20 121 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 42 655 €

Other information

Project's start year : 2017


Lamballe Terre et Mer (Public structure )
41, rue Saint-Martin
22400 Lamballe
Contact : project manager

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