Countryside’s multiservice Shop


  • Project's name : Countryside's multiservice Shop 
  • Country : France 
  • Thematic : Local stores, Public and social services Solidarity 
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  • Structure name : Comptoir de Campagne 
  • Address : 2 allée des Bouleaux 
  • Postal code : 69330 
  • City : Jonage 
  • Tel : 07 66 86 16 26 
  • Email : 
  • Type of structure : Company, Private structure 
  • Project's manager contact : - 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : Fact: 1 village out of 2 doesn't have shops anymore, but the population tends to increase.
    There is a need to regain the urban service quality in the ountryside and to respond to a need of proximity, modernity and social link. 
  • Goals : Offer an access to services and local products in a welcoming place for everyone 
  • Targeted audience : All publics 
  • Actions implemented : Opening of multiservice shops right in the middle of the villages which offer:
    -local products directly from the farmer
    -proximity services (The French Post, public transports, shoe repairing, dry cleaning, gas, package, press, etc.);
    -a restauration offer;
    -A place of life, animation and teleworking;
    -the offer is also available online with and comes with a delivering service.
  • Project's start year : 2015 


  • Technical and human resources, partners : The structure is a SAS (join-stock company) certified ESUS (social company of social utility)
    -6 Countryside’s multiservice shops
    -2 "grouped" shops (Forez – 42; Beaujolais – 69)
    -2 permanent contracts per shops and 1 permanent contract per "grouped" shops
    -More than 40 farmers and local craftsmen per "grouped" shops. 

Conditions of success

  • Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors : The different Countryside’s multservice shops must adapt to their territory of implantation and their success depend on a network operation: Grouped shops from 5 to 6 shops per territory. That allows to facilitate the supplying, strong relationships with the farmers and good communication.
    It needs:
    •Implication of one or multiple community of communes ;
    •A territory rich in term of craft and local production to supply the Shops ;
    •At least 3 already identified villages to create a “grouped” shop.

    The shop implementation criterias :
    •A customer area of at least 2100 inhabitants,
    •Absence of competition : grocery/hypermarket, butcher/pork butcher’s shop,
    •To pick up service offer such as deposit of bread and/or bar, press, post office,
    •At least 10 minutes away in car from any hypermarket,
    •Supplying of the school cafeteria is a bonus,
    •Opening of a multiservice shop is the project of the municipality’s inhabitants who have a local to open the shop.

    Future project: opening of franchises (15 to 20 / year from 2021) in Normandy, Ile de France and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté