Short presentation

Car-sharing platform (used during the week as a social taxi) for families in the commune in the evenings or at weekends


- to compensate for the lack of public transport in the commune
- offer an alternative to buying a second car to households.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Commune located in Hesbaye (agricultural landscape, arable farming); 5464 inhabitants (mixed population, several nationalities, increasing population); rural commune close to Liège (metropolis) and Huy (medium-sized town). Important associative fabric in the commune.

Need identified in the communal structure plan and communal rural development plan (Walloon participatory DR tool).

Actions implemented

For a few hours in the evening, or at the weekend, two PSWC cars, with 5 and 8 seats, can be reserved via the Cosycar car-sharing platform.

During the day, in the weekand, these vehicles are used by the services of the PSWC. This concerns in particular the "port-à-bus", or portabus: social taxi of the municipality of Héron. The Portabus is a home social taxi service set up by the Public Social Welfare Centre (CPAS). It is intended for any non-motorized person in the commune of Heron who would like to travel for the following reasons: medical visits and examinations; looking for a job (procedures to be carried out at the Forem, the Onem, the Maison de l'Emploi, etc.); various errands (markets, local shops and services, etc.).

This service is aimed at people in precarious and family situations.
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

In addition to an affiliation cost to the Cozycar platform of 10€/year, the inhabitants of Heronne wishing to use the shared cars will have to pay a fee of 0.40€ or 0.50€/km depending on the model chosen.

Project carried out by the via the CPAS (Public Centre for Social Welfare) of the municipality.

CPAS vehicles financed by the public authorities.

Affiliation to a Cosy Car vehicle sharing platform.

Other information

Project's start year :

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

- An alternative mobility service that offers service in time slots where buses are non-existent.
- Help implementation via the existing platform
- Open to different audiences including vulnerable people
- Cars double occupied: by the Commission during the day and by private individuals outside working hours.


Municipalty of Heron (Public structure )
Place Communale 1
4218 Couthuin (Héron)