Cap’ORN (Rural Itinerant Orchestra)

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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Short presentation

Cap'Orn is a Rural Nomadic Orchestra whose object is to open up musical practice in rural areas by the orchestra to children from 9 to 11 years old and to empower young teenagers by offering them to become conductors of the orchestra..


The Cap 'Orn project aims to facilitate instrumental practice by creating orchestras in rural areas, in line with their specificities (mobility difficulties, people far from artistic practices).

Purpose of the project:
the democratization of cultural learning as a vector of social, personal, academic and / or professional development.

Goals :
- Open up musical practice to an excluded audience.
- Contribute to the personal development of young people
- Be an actor in the social life of the territory.
- Create a membership in a group.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

2 main issues:
- Strengthening family and social ties.
- Stimulation of the cultural life of the territory.

The project involves an orchestra of 25 children aged 9 to 11 attending the Social Living Space (EVS) in Villandraut. Parents are also involved.
The project will run over 3 years and aims to develop over a larger territory by relying on other EVS.

Actions implemented

The workshops began in October 2019 at the rate of 2 hours / week with listening and confidence building games in order to form a united group.

The delivery of the instruments to the children (violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, trombones) took place during the parent, host family / child percussion workshop on February 8, 2020.

During the confinement, we kept the link with the children via social networks.

We found the children in workshops on June 16.


Departmental Council of Gironde
Global cost (in Euros) : 35 475 €

Human resources and partners

The budget indicated above is the budget of year 1.

Human resources :
- Six volunteers
- Three musical speakers

- Departmental Council of Gironde
- Community of municipalities of South Gironde
- Municipality of Villandraut
- Social living space Adichats
- Villandraut Leisure Center
- ITEP (Therapeutic Educational and Pedagogical Institute).

Technical means :
- Provision of two rooms by the Adichats association (Espace de Vie Sociale)
- Party room provided by the municipality of Uzeste

Other information

Project's start year : 2019

Points of vigilance, difficulties to pass through, success factors

The founders of the project are Laure and Chantal, two musicians who have been active in the social and cultural life of South Gironde for more than twenty years:

Chantal BORDES, saxophonist, accordionist and clarinetist, born in Bazas and speaker in several local music schools. Utopian, I have worked for years in favor of educational and cultural equality. Musical practice is a team sport and must be accessible to all!

Laure DUPEYRAT, violinist and violist. I discovered the Gironde in 1998 and have lived in the South Gironde for 14 years. Over the past twenty years, my active participation in the Villa Bohême musical company and my interventions in many rural music schools have allowed me to observe and feel the evolution of the cultural landscape: defending access to culture for all presupposes an obligatory passage by a reflection around a new pedagogy.


Cap’ ORN (Non profit organization )
16, Choye
Contact : Musical teachers