CAP Third-Places

France Pays de la Loire
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Short presentation

"Cap Third-place" helps support the creation and development of third-places.


- Federate the energy at the service of the third-places and their partners in the Region Pays of the Loire

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

The Third-places know a growing success, especially in the Pays of Loire where we count more than 100 created or in project. However, by their specificities, these innovative spaces face important accompaniment, formation, linking and mutual aids needs.
It’s on the base of that finding that the local actors (departmental and regional network of the ESS, activities and employment collectives, tier places) created “CAP Third-Places”, the Collective of Acceleration Of the Project of Third-Spaces of the Social and Solidary Economy in the Pays of Loire.

Target audience:
- Project leaders
- Third places
- Partners of third-places (funders, accompanying organizations, local authorities)

Actions implemented

Support on the creation and the development of third-places
Formation “Facilitator of third-places”, in partnership with the Cooperative of the Third-Places
Resources Centre: permanence, study, cartography, thematic notes, practical guides
Community : departmental and thematic meetings

Other information

Project's start year : 2018


CRESS des Pays de la Loire (Non profit organization )
42 Rue des Hauts Pavés
44000 Nantes
Contact : Léa Durieux