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Short presentation

Imagined by a couple of young entrepreneurs from Chauny, “Le Voyage Gourmand” is the first Bus-Restaurant in Picardy. Maylise and Anthony welcome you there for a gastronomic discovery in the heart of the villages of the Pays Picard - Valleys of Oise and Ailette (Aisne).

Offering 14 seats and promoting local products, the “Voyage Gourmand” is parked once a month in each village registered in the program and depending on the events. It thus allows residents to benefit from a quality catering service where the presence of a restaurant until then seemed impossible, but also encourages visitors from outside to enjoy a good meal to discover the charm of our small towns. - the smallest, Courbes, with 39 inhabitants.


They decided to create an itinerant restaurant in a former Spanish travel bus: a professional kitchen is fitted out at the back while a bistro-style room can accommodate 14 people at the front. Serving mostly municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants, they are often called upon by party committees to organize meals for seniors, in municipalities with few elders. They also take part in events and demonstrations, in particular tourism.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Based in Chauny, in the Aisne, the "Le Voyage Gourmand" restaurant-bus runs mainly in the Pays Picard - Valleys of Oise and Ailette (75,000 inhabitants), where it serves around 20 of the 84 municipalities.

Marylise LEMOINE, chef trained at the Soissons hotel school, and Anthony DOUALLE, head chef and restaurant bus driver, form a young couple, born in the area. They found that it was often necessary to travel several tens of kilometers in order to benefit from a traditional quality catering service.

Actions implemented

Launched on the roads in 2019, "Le Voyage Gourmand" far exceeded the attendance targets that Marylise and Anthony had set for themselves: while they had planned 5,000 covers in the first year, they ended up having more than 7,500.

Today, the restaurant bus is an attraction for visitors from outside who do not hesitate to travel several tens of kilometers to come and discover "Le Voyage Gourmand" ... as well as the village where it is parked.
The low capacity of the restaurant facilitates exchanges between customers, whether they are neighbors who have the pleasure of meeting each other or complete strangers who share a common experience.
Global cost (in Euros) :  €

Human resources and partners

Total amount of the project: € 32,090.83
(€ 59,768.80 excluding prorating, because the project exceeds the scope of the LAG)

EAFRD funding: € 17,412.64

- Community of Agglomeration Chauny - Tergnier - La Fère

Other information

Project's start year : 2019


SAS LEMDOU (Company, Private structure )
02300 Chauny
06 16 26 85 24 levoyagegourmand02@gmail.com
Contact : Anthony DOUALLE et Marylise LEMOINE

Supported by LEADER

LAG Pays Picard – Vallées de l’Oise et de l’Ailette