Blaye Hospital Health Truck

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Short presentation

To carry out prevention and awareness-raising actions as close as possible to the inhabitants, in their places of life (training establishments, markets, as part of the cultural, sporting, festive or associative highlights of the territory) th eHospital Center of Blaye has created the Health Truck, easily identifiable thanks to the work of young people in the area.


▪ Act on social inequalities in health, by reaching out to people in difficulty (mobility problems);
▪ Act on the determinants of health, in particular in the areas of nutrition, addictions, emotional and sexual life to promote the adoption of behaviors favorable to health;
▪ Direct the population to the places and professional resources of the territory.

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

- Haute-Gironde is a rural and landlocked territory, with a high proportion of people in a precarious situation with a high rate of non-taxable households and a poor supply of public transport.

- A lack of accessibility to prevention for these populations

- Population health data:
▪ A significant proportion of people with chronic diseases (indicators higher than regional and / or national averages): cardiovascular pathologies, cancers, diabetes and mental disorders.
▪ High-risk behavior: mortality linked to alcohol and tobacco higher than in the rest of the Aquitaine region.
An aging population that is more dependent than the average.
▪ Difficult access to care.

Actions implemented

The Health Truck is used in different contexts, aimed at the entire population of Haute Gironde and more particularly people far from care and prevention (people in precarious situations, people with disabilities, young people, etc.):

▪ During highlights and local events in the area (Summer Job, Celti’Teuillac, Rock & Wine, Black Bass Festival, etc.)

▪ During the mobile PASS (Permanence d'Accès au Soin) with beneficiaries of food aid associations

▪ On the occasion of public health campaign relays: World No Tobacco Day, World Day for the fight against Alzheimer's disease, Pink October, Moi (s) sans tabac, International Day for the elimination of violence against for women, World AIDS Day ...

▪ During collective awareness-raising actions in places without equipment (shared gardens, schoolyard for health information point, etc.)

Human resources and partners

Investment: acquisition and fitting out of the Health Truck: € 31,500

Operating expenses (not fully allocated to the Health Truck)
- Annual cost of the post of prevention project manager: € 40,674 (employer cost, all charges included)
- Annual operating budget for health promotion activity: € 35,571

- Investment (acquisition and fitting out of the vehicle): Social health network of Haute-Gironde, Fondation de France, Communities of municipalities of Blaye, Bourg en Gironde and Cubzaguais,
- Operating budget: Regional Health Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ARS).

Technical means :
a converted truck allowing for different spaces, inside a space dedicated to the reception of 1 to 5 people and an enclosed space for carrying out small medical examinations. The Health Truck is easily identifiable because it is completely graffiti by young people from youth structures in Haute Gironde.

Human resources :
- A prevention project manager with the mission of coordinating, animating and evaluating the actions of the Health Truck
- Regular intervention of various professionals from the Hospital Center (midwives, social workers, dieticians, psychologist-tobacco specialists, nurses ...

Partners: ANPAA, Mission Locale Haute

Other information

Project's start year : 2016


Haute Gironde Hospital Center (Other )
97 rue de l’Hôpital
3390 Balye
05 57 33 40 00
Contact : Maud Level, Prevention and health promotion project manager / Facebook : Camion Santé