Bird Watching in Narbonnaise region

France Occitanie
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Short presentation

Birdwatching in Narbonnaise: make the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park a privileged destination.


This project aims to structure the offer and improve reception conditions, which will allow us to develop a reputation on this theme so that the Narbonnaise NRP becomes a best destination for Birdwatching. This is the project "Birdwatching in Narbonnaise"

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

1) The desire of the new Occitanie region to structure an offer of nature tourism around its regional natural parks.
2) One of the assets in this area for the Regional Nature Park of Narbonnaise is the exceptional richness in birdlife due to the diversity of habitats and because of its geographical location on one of the main migration corridors between Africa and the European continent. Moreover this sector presents among the best conditions of observation of the south of France. 40% of the birds present in Western Europe can be observed in Narbonnaise (at different times of the year).
3) A market study was able to determine the capacity of the Narbonnaise NRP to meet the proven demand of the English-speaking clientele in northern Europe.
4) The presence on the territory of the PNR-NM of specialists in the field of Birdwatching to accompany and coordinate the development of this new form of nature tourism is also an important asset

Target audience:
- Local
- Tourists

Actions implemented

Methods of implementation:

A three-year program:
• Establishment of a training to the specificities of Birdwatching customers for OT, guides, hosts … Preparation in 2017, realization 2018 and 2019
• Establishment of a network of hosts on the theme of birdwatching and nature tourism. In partnership with professional organizations (CCI and others) and according to specifications. Program over 3 years
• Establishment of a Birdwatching relay network whose role is to welcome and inform the public concerned about the potential for observation and accommodation on the territory with a document "How to use Birdwatching" to raise awareness reception officers. Program completed in 2018 and 2019
• Edition of a document presenting the main birdwatching sites in Narbonnaise (English version "Where to watch birds" + a French version)
• Creating an application based on this document with expanded content and additional features
• Participation in the Birdfair bird show in Great Britain on the French PNR stand (French Parcs) with the realization of specific supports.
• Establishment of ornithological observatories in the territory of La Narbonnaise
• Audiovisual presentation of the naturalistic interest of the territory
• Development and marketing of Birdwatching specialized stays


LEADER 58 000 €
Occitanie Region 18 000 €
Aude Department 15 000 €
Global cost (in Euros) : 115 000 €

Human resources and partners

For this project, the PNR will call on Birdwatching specialists with a coordinator and other providers, including local ornithological associations.

Other information

Project's start year : 2017


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Contact : Bertrand du LAC

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