Action plan for city-centers of Marmande-Tonneins


  • Project's name : Action plan for city-centers of Marmande-Tonneins 
  • Country : France 
  • Area (for France only) : Nouvelle-Aquitaine 
  • Thematic : Culture Sport Leisure, Housing, Local stores, Mobility and Transport, Public and social services Solidarity 
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  • Structure name : Val de Garonne Agglomération 
  • Address : Place du Marché – CS 70305  
  • Postal code : 47213 
  • Tel : 
  • Email : - 
  • Type of structure : Public structure 
  • Project's manager contact : ACV project manager 
  • Website : 


  • Context, issues : Marmande and Tonneins have a centrality function for the Val of Garrone and, more widely, for the living environment. They constitute an essential structuration link of the territory of the Val of Garrone and an equilibrium pole between Agen/Villeneuve-sur-Lot and the Bordeaux metropolis.
    Marmande and Tonneins are facing an attractivity which is struggling to settle permanently and face devitalization of their downtowns.
    However, significant assets (“Human scale” city, with a rich heritage built and landscaped, presenting a large diversity of services and equipment…) could constitute the levers to promote the development and the attractivity of the downtowns.

    To amplify the centralisation measure of Marmande and Tonneins, as part of a commune application, with the Agglomeration of the Val of Garonne, Marmande and Tonneins are receivers of the program “Action plan for city-center” (Action "coeur de ville" in French). They signed the framework convention, with all their financer partners involved in the plan, the 26th of September 2018.
  • Goals : -Improve the living condition of the inhabitants and the users of the downtown
    -Promote and reinforce all the urban functions integrated to a downtown: live, consume, have fun, work, get informed, move, form…
    -Reinforce the locomotive’s role on the territory
  • Targeted audience : Val of Garonne's inhabitants 
  • Actions implemented : Marmande :
    - Requalification of the district’s shop: renovation of the covered hall, reorganization of the public space…
    - Creation of a sound trail in the downtown and the industrial heritage
    - Creation of a Rock school in the old CESA factory
    - Establishing of « springboard shops » to facilitate the installation of project’s carriers
    - Construction of a new library after the demolition of an islet in the city’s core
    - Transformation of the old Leclerc’s cultural space for the creation of administrative offices and the installation of proximity shops

    Tonneins :
    - Creation of an unique public services counter in the old fire station
    - Requalification of an islet with the creation of social housing and the reinstallation of a grocery
    - Requalification of the Marne’s district with the reorganization of the courtyard of the Marne and te creation of a landscaped place
    - Feasibility study for the reconversion of the old tobacco factory

    VGA :
    - Creation of multimodal exchange pole on the Marmande and Tonneins train station
    - Programmed improvement operation on the housing and urban renovation in Marmande and Tonneins
  • Project's start year : 5 


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