5D (fifth dimension) : a unique Third-Place in France

France Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Short presentation

5D is a workspace that also has a shared workshop, a creativity lab and a school dedicated to human development.


This 750m² space, animated by a community of SMEs and multidisciplinary independent workers, boosts creativity and cooperation through exchange and mutual aid. Shared offices, equipped workshops, adapted meeting rooms: the offers are created by and for entrepreneurs. With a reflection on the evolution of work and human development as an axis of development and fair and equitable prices, the 5d is the ideal place for all those who think that "only one goes faster but together we go further"

Contexte (territory issues, targeted audience)

Small historical reminder: in 2010, creation of the second coworking space in France: the Factory in Belfort.
Today the concept has spread and the Factory has evolved. New inspiring workspace, based on the exchange and openness, perfect for the independent workers but also for the others, the 5d opens its doors in 2018.

Target audience :
- entrepreneurs and self-employed

Actions implemented

1- A coworking space dedicated to individual project development thanks to mutual resources.

2- A shared workshop equipped with digital or traditional machines to materialize his ideas (established, FabLab, wood workshops, metal and small creations).

3- A laboratory of creativity at the service of innovation and cooperation teams with great meeting rooms.

4- A school dedicated to human development (self-knowledge, technical knowledge and skills, collective intelligence) through individual and group coaching, training and workshops.

5- A showroom showcase for businesses in the local economic and cultural sectors.

Other information

Project's start year : 2010


La 5D (Non profit organization )
3 rue Édouard Branly - Techn’hom
90000 Belfort
03 39 03 39 70