Capitalisation of good practices

Realization of a collection of good practices (end of 2020)

Among the hundreds of innovative experiences identified between May and September 2019 (see “project directory / ideas fair”), ACCESS’R partners have selected thirty exemplary projects in terms of revitalizing the services offer. These projects will be capitalized in a methodological guide of good practices, which will be disseminated to the actors of rural development.

In response to our initial challenge (accessibility of services to the population), three major issues were identified and then broken down into operational objectives:

  1. Preventing desertification in rural areas
    Objective 1: Maintain and strengthen existing outreach services
    Objective 2: Bring services closer to the public
    Objective 3: Facilitate the movement of audiences to services

  2. Reinforcing the attractiveness of territories
    Objective 1: Create new activities in the territory
    Objective 2: Support the development of new services
    Objective 3: Encourage the meeting of inhabitants around the offer of services

  3. Support the reception of new populations
    Objective 1: Supporting working population and young people/families
    Objective 2: Accompany retirees / Seniors
    Objective 3: Supporting the populations of passage

The capitalization phase, which began at the end of 2019, will end in July 2020.
More information soon.