ACCESS’R Project

Maintaining and strengthening public services is a major subject in rural areas. This issue, which is a main concern of the local inhabitants, requires to think about the emergence of new forms of presence in the field of postal, educational, medical, social services, etc.

The 10 French and 6 European partners of the ACCESS’R project (ACCEssibility of ServiceS to the population in Rural areas) aim to provide answers to this complex problem, by carrying out a capitalisation of good practices on this topic, in France and in other European countries, and by ensuring their diffusion on a large scale. Identification of innovative concepts, collection of information, analysis of funding structures and plans, will help to disseminate these good practices to leverage them in territories in tension.

A European approach :
ACCESS’R’s topic follows the Cork 2.0 Declaration on “A better life in rural areas”, which discusses the different problems related to the access to services, by describing the ambitions for securing the future of agriculture and rural areas in European Union, and by seeking to develop the rural capacities and promote their values and access. Cork 2.0 highlights the need to invest in skills, public services, infrastructure and capacity building able to generate a vibrant rural web.

The topic will be treated following three interacting axes during the project duration of 36 months over the period 2018-2021. The first will be dedicated to collecting data on access to services for the population in rural areas. The second focuses on promoting the data collected and promoting innovative practices. As for the third, it will be devoted to supporting the various project leaders (public or private) who wish to set up initiatives on this theme, by making them available in particular the methodological tools developed within the framework of ACCESS’R.

Marie de Bizien – Le Gac, ACCESS’R coordinator at Leader France
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Winner of the call for collective mobilization project for rural development (MCDR) initiated by the National Rural Network, the project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the CGET and the EAFRD.