Cork 2.0 Declaration

The Cork 2.0 European Conference on Rural Development of 5-6 September 2016 in Cork, Ireland brought together over 340 rural development stakeholders to reflect on the current challenges and opportunities facing Europe’s rural areas and how best to respond to these.

The Cork 2.0 Declaration presents the following ten policy orientations to guide rural and agricultural policy in the European Union. Each point is further elaborated in the Declaration:

  1. Promoting Rural Prosperity
  2. Strengthening Rural Value Chains
  3. Investing in Rural Viability and Vitality
  4. Preserving the Rural Environment
  5. Managing Natural Resources
  6. Encouraging Climate Action
  7. Boosting Knowledge and Innovation
  8. Enhancing Rural Governance
  9. Advancing Policy Delivery and Simplification
  10. Improving Performance and Accountability

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